How to Contact:

Sigma Diagnostics Inc.

P: 734.744.4846
F: 734.744.4837
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Before contacting Sigma Diagnostics Inc. for service or support, please have the following available:

  • Sigma Diagnostics Inc. product model
  • Serial number or batch number if applicable
  • Software and version number
  • computer operating system information.

Technical Support

At Sigma Diagnostics, we stand behind every system we provide.  Our team is available to provide you with the  service and support you need to sustain the optimal performance of your SDi systems and products. Use the information below to inquire about product specifications, technical questions,  or supporting documents.


Outside the US

Services for SDi systems outside the US are managed by our international team of Sigma Diagnostics distributors, including factory-trained service technicians for SDi  instruments. Please contact your Sigma Diagnostics distributor directly, or contact us for more information.

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