The Sigma Diagnostics brand provides a high quality, lower cost alternative for diagnostics instrumentation, assays and reagents from top manufacturing domestic and international partners, to address the needs of  a diverse clientele, from small physician practices, to hospital labs and research centers.  We have a skilled and dedicated customer support and technical service team, fully committed to exceeding your expectations.

Simple procedure. High Quality. Price competitive.

ELISA tests are used to detect the presence of antigens that are recognized by an antibody or it can be used to test for antibodies that recognize an antigen. The quality of antigens and antibodies against the concerned materials is the most important factor in ELISA tests.

High Sensitivity. Early Diagnosis. Lower Incubation Period.

CLIA reagents offer increased sensitivity and dynamic range, allowing the detection of analyte with lower concentrations and early diagnosis. When compared to ELISA reagents, CLIA reagents offer simplified protocols coupled with a lower incubation period to streamline laboratory workflow.