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clinically relevant diagnosis assays

Immunoassay Reagents

High Quality immunoassay reagents
featuring a comprehensive menu of more than 100 tests.

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Achieve accurate, first-pass results
for in-vitro diagnostic and blood borne pathogen screening.

About Us


Sigma Diagnostics is a supplier of innovative immunoassays and automated immunoanalyzer technologies for use in clinical and research laboratories worldwide. It is our goal that our commitment to quality will result in complete customer satisfaction with both our products and our services.

Analyser Systems

SDi CX 300 CLIA Analyser

SDi CX 300

Chemiluminicence Immunoassay System (CLIA)

Fully automated, user-friendly, open bench top system.  With a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour,  sample & reagent continuous load, our newest SDi CX 300 CLIA immunoassay system is the ideal analyzer for Small and Mid-Size diagnostics or research laboratories .